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Bob Gatley
HS parts source
Mon Sep 3, 2018 11:36

Mr. Brown
Brownells sells magazines and other parts , so does Numrich. When I replaced my magazine with a new one from Brownells my HE shoots CCI Standard velocity rounds with no failures at all. You dont want to use high velocity rounds in these older pistols as they weren’t designed for them.

  • Inherited Model 2Lyman Brown, Sat Sep 1 00:10
    Got a model B from deceased relative. 4 1/2 inch barrel, blued finish, black plastic grips, HS in circle on each grip, stamped 88320 below trigger guard - any info appreciated Jams every third round... more
    • Model BJohn J. Stimson, II, Tue Sep 4 10:37
      Hello Lyman, 88,320 shipped 10/2/1941 to Sloss & Brittain. Failure to eject or failure to extract? The chamber might look clean but have baked on oil that needs to be scrubbed out. Best approach is a ... more
    • HS parts source — Bob Gatley, Mon Sep 3 11:36
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