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John J. Stimson, II
Supermatic Trophy 107 series
Tue Sep 4, 2018 11:00

Hello Jim,

By the time your pistol was made, High Standard no longer marked their products with the design series number but it is a 107 series none-the-less.

What is the barrel length of your pistol?

They made pistols in Hamden for about another year and a half after your gun was made.

John Stimson

  • High Standard Supermatic Trophy - Hamden, CT Jim Hasley, Mon Sep 3 18:02
    Dear John: I own a HS Supermatic Trophy manufactured in Hamden, CT with Serial Number 2500223. It has the 'Military' stamp prior to the serial number, but no '107' or other model indication. I assume ... more
    • Supermatic Trophy 107 series — John J. Stimson, II, Tue Sep 4 11:00
      • Supermatic Trophy 107 seriesJim Hasley, Tue Sep 4 14:33
        John, Thank you for the quick reply and thank you for confirming what I suspected regarding the pistol as being of the 107 series. Please accept my apology for omitting the barrel length and other... more
        • Supermatic Trophy 107 seriesJohn J Stimson, II, Wed Sep 5 10:00
          Hello Jim, 2,500,223 shipped as a catalog number 9247 with key serial number 2,500,150 on 7/22/1975 to account number 377470 on invoice number 63928-3. John Stimson
          • Thank you!Jim Hasley, Wed Sep 5 13:40
            John, Thank you very much for sharing your wealth of information! Best wishes, Jim Hasley
        • S. Trophy, 107 SeriesJames Gammel, Sr., Tue Sep 4 22:20
          Hello Jim, When describing right/left "sides" of a firearm, it's customary to describe "as if" you are holding the weapon as if to shoot it; Not as seen from the position of the condemned at a firing ... more
          • High Standard Trophy 107Jim Hasley, Tue Sep 4 22:59
            Jim: Egads...youíre absolutely right! In my defense Iím home with the flu. Apparently itís worse than I thought, my faculties to distinguish right from left have apparently been interrupted. I did... more
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