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John J. Stimson, II
Model H-D Military
Tue Sep 4, 2018 11:03

Hello Russ,

The High Standard instruction sheet specifically warn against pulling the trigger with the slide off.

Should I assume that you cannot cock the hammer?

John Stimson

  • HD Military -help neededRuss Siakel, Mon Sep 3 20:25
    Well have an older HD and have never really cleaned it. So I read about the slide removal and removed the slide successfully. But fumble finger then pulled the trigger and sent the hammer forward.... more
    • Model H-D Military — John J. Stimson, II, Tue Sep 4 11:03
      • HD MilitaryRuss Siakel, Tue Sep 4 14:00
        Yes, the hammer is locked forward. Looking for instructions or next steps. THX
        • Dropped hammerJohn J Stimson, II, Wed Sep 5 10:04
          Hello Russ, The late Jim Barta offered this advice in an earlier post on this forum. " When the hammer dropped unrestricted it over-rotated and the hammer strut jumped off the hammer spring plunger.... more
          • HammerRuss Siakel, Sat Sep 8 15:45
            Many thanks for your assistance. The hold-down of the mainspring is much like old Astra Broomhandles. Hope to get this old gal up and running again. Kind regards, Russ
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