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John J. Stimson, II
Model H-D Miliotary
Tue Sep 4, 2018 11:12

Hello Roger,

A magazine that will work in a Dura-Matic or Model 80 would not be a magazine that was originalto your Model H-D Military. Note the Dura-Matic used a pocket in the left side of the magazine to retain the magazine.and not the heel of the magazine.

As to Springs, only the driving spring might need changing.

Checking the firing pin for what?

Are you using a original finger style magazine?

Failure to close is often associated with a dirty chamber - looks clean but isn't really-, a dry fire ding in the chamber mouth, excess lubricant on the bullet, or a pad driving spring.

John Stimson

  • HD Military ProblemsRoger Owens, Tue Sep 4 10:31
    I have a HD Military (1947 vintage)with problems. The magazine has about 1/32" play up and down. If I hold up the magazine while firing it feeds OK if not it jams. This happens on both magazines that ... more
    • Model H-D Miliotary — John J. Stimson, II, Tue Sep 4 11:12
      • HD MilitaryRoger Owens, Tue Sep 4 16:08
        Hello John, Is the pad driving spring what Numrich calls a "retracting rod spring"? If so mine appears to have been kinked at some time. Should I check the firing pin for overall length or amount... more
        • Model H-D MilitaryJohn J Stimson, II, Wed Sep 5 09:56
          Hello Roger, A retracting rod spring and a driving spring are the same. If kinked it needs replacing. Numrich sometimes sends you what you want and sometimes not. The firing pins were generally... more
          • HD MilitaryRoger Owens, Wed Sep 5 22:08
            Good evening John, My magazine looks like the left one in your picture. So I guess I need to find a magazine. Any ideas where I can get a magazine and where would you suggest I look for a driving... more
            • springWayne Davis, Fri Sep 7 11:03
              Wolff sells the spring you need for your pistol. Be sure to cut the spring to 40 coils before installing it. Original magazines can be found on eBay from time to time. Expect to pay... more
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