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Jim Hasley
Supermatic Trophy 107 series
Tue Sep 4, 2018 14:33


Thank you for the quick reply and thank you for confirming what I suspected regarding the pistol as being of the 107 series.

Please accept my apology for omitting the barrel length and other descriptive features in my description. The barrel length is 5&1/2 inches.

Regarding other markings, the right side of the barrel is marked as '22 long rifle' with the High Standard trigger emblem, the frame above the trigger well is marked 'Supermatic Trophy' and the slide is marked 'High Standard. Left side of the barrel is marked 'High Standard Mfg. Corp.' and the frame is marked 'Military 2500223'.

The trigger, safety and magazine release are all gold, the frame, slide and barrel are all blued. I believe the grips are original and made of walnut.

Hope this helps!

All the best,
Jim Hasley

  • Supermatic Trophy 107 seriesJohn J. Stimson, II, Tue Sep 4 11:00
    Hello Jim, By the time your pistol was made, High Standard no longer marked their products with the design series number but it is a 107 series none-the-less. What is the barrel length of your... more
    • Supermatic Trophy 107 series — Jim Hasley, Tue Sep 4 14:33
      • Supermatic Trophy 107 seriesJohn J Stimson, II, Wed Sep 5 10:00
        Hello Jim, 2,500,223 shipped as a catalog number 9247 with key serial number 2,500,150 on 7/22/1975 to account number 377470 on invoice number 63928-3. John Stimson
        • Thank you!Jim Hasley, Wed Sep 5 13:40
          John, Thank you very much for sharing your wealth of information! Best wishes, Jim Hasley
      • S. Trophy, 107 SeriesJames Gammel, Sr., Tue Sep 4 22:20
        Hello Jim, When describing right/left "sides" of a firearm, it's customary to describe "as if" you are holding the weapon as if to shoot it; Not as seen from the position of the condemned at a firing ... more
        • High Standard Trophy 107Jim Hasley, Tue Sep 4 22:59
          Jim: Egads...youíre absolutely right! In my defense Iím home with the flu. Apparently itís worse than I thought, my faculties to distinguish right from left have apparently been interrupted. I did... more
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