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Jim Hasley
High Standard Trophy 107
Tue Sep 4, 2018 22:59


Egads...youíre absolutely right!

In my defense Iím home with the flu. Apparently itís worse than I thought, my faculties to distinguish right from left have apparently been interrupted.

I did chuckle at your observation and my throat is so soar it actually hurt to do so! Well played!

Hoping for a swift recovery!

  • S. Trophy, 107 SeriesJames Gammel, Sr., Tue Sep 4 22:20
    Hello Jim, When describing right/left "sides" of a firearm, it's customary to describe "as if" you are holding the weapon as if to shoot it; Not as seen from the position of the condemned at a firing ... more
    • High Standard Trophy 107 — Jim Hasley, Tue Sep 4 22:59
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