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John J Stimson, II
Dropped hammer
Wed Sep 5, 2018 10:04

Hello Russ,

The late Jim Barta offered this advice in an earlier post on this forum.

" When the hammer dropped unrestricted it over-rotated and the hammer strut jumped off the hammer spring plunger. The plunger is now sticking up in the area where the hammer strut wants to go. Take off the left grip and side plate, drive out the hammer pin from right to left. Be careful because the hammer spring may be pressing up on the whole hammer assembly and it may want to fly away when you remove the pin. Once you get the hammer out you should be able to see the hammer spring and plunger. Now comes the tough part. Notice the little hole in the back of the grip frame. Find a punch or drill bit that will fit in that hole (a #47 drill bit or punch - .0785" is the correct size). You might want to secure the gun in a vise or get someone to help with this next process. Get a long punch and push down on the hammer spring plunger compressing the spring. When the spring is compressed, insert the #47 drill bit shank into the hole in the back of frame far enough to catch the edge of the plunger . Slowly release the pressure on the spring. The drill shank should capture the compressed spring and plunger and hold it in place. Put the hammer back on the gun, cock the hammer and withdraw the drill bit."

John Stimson

  • HD MilitaryRuss Siakel, Tue Sep 4 14:00
    Yes, the hammer is locked forward. Looking for instructions or next steps. THX
    • Dropped hammer — John J Stimson, II, Wed Sep 5 10:04
      • HammerRuss Siakel, Sat Sep 8 15:45
        Many thanks for your assistance. The hold-down of the mainspring is much like old Astra Broomhandles. Hope to get this old gal up and running again. Kind regards, Russ
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