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John J Stimson, II
Model B type I-A
Thu Sep 6, 2018 06:24

Hello Tom,

15,115 shipped 8/7/1936. The destination is difficult to read but it loos like Z. C. M. I Wholesale Hardware.

John Stimson

  • Model B SN# Date MfgTom Wood, Thu Aug 30 17:20
    Model B sn# 15115 6.5 in barrel Grips plastic/ micarda
    • Model B type I-A — John J Stimson, II, Thu Sep 6 06:24
    • Model BJohn J. Stimson, II, Tue Sep 4 08:24
      Hello Tom, DO the grips have a "HS" monogram? If original to the gun the grips are not Micarta which is a laminated product. Are you sure about the barrel length? 6.5" suggests it has been cut off.... more
      • HS Model B SR# Tom Wood, Tue Sep 4 12:45
        No HS Grips are black or dark checkered plastic of some type. I have not removed them from frame. BBL length from face of chamber to end is closer to 6.75" barrel not cut, sight and crown appear... more
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