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Ron Cantrell
102 Trophy Blonde Boxed set
Fri Sep 7, 2018 19:36

Hello. I'm considering a 102 Trophy set in a blonde box with red liner, comes with a 10" and 8" barrel, two muzzle brakes, wood grips with gold medallions. Serial number is 818121. The finish is high polish blue. Oddly, the 8" barrel has stamped on the lower right side under the word Hamden, "AF PG" . I found from researching a Remington target rifle not long ago, that this stands for Air Force Premium Grade, (gunsmithing done at Lackland AFB for their target shooting team). The price is not cheap, and I wonder if this is unusual, perhaps just a collector put-together set. Appreciate whatever you might be able to share about this one.

    • Supermatic Trophy 102 sereisJohn J Stimson, II, Sat Sep 8 09:08
      Hello Ron, Did this come with the tools - stabilizer cleaning tool and two allen wrenches? Will the blond box fir the gun with the 10.00" barrel installed? What color is the magazine? John Stimson
      • accessories notesRon Cantrell, Sun Sep 9 12:24
        Hey Mr. Stimson, sincere apologies for the delay in responding. I don't have access to the magazine, but the bottom is blued. It does not appear that the allen wrenches and cleaning tool are... more
        • Supermatic Trophy 102 seriesJohn J. Stimson, II, Sun Sep 9 12:49
          Hello Ron, 818,121 shipped as a catalog number 9252 with key serial number 817,495 on 5/10/1958 to account number 840 on invoice number 28169. This was not a factory combination. The magazine should... more
          • accessories notesRon Cantrell, Sun Sep 9 13:02
            Good to know, was more or less expected and will pass on this one. Thank you so very much for confirming.
    • 102 Trophy Blonde Boxed set.James Gammel, Sr., Fri Sep 7 20:56
      Hello Ron, The Medallions aren't "gold", they are brass. You should point out what "logo" is imprinted in those medallion, small eagle or large eagle. For help, go here:... more
      • 102 Trophy Blonde Boxed SetRon Cantrell, Fri Sep 7 23:17
        Thank you. The grip medallions are of the small eagle variety. There are 3 weights, rounded bottoms. At this time there is a small one mounted to the 10" barrel and a large and small one mounted to... more
        • 102 Trophy blondejason stratton, Sat Sep 8 03:27
          Hello, I don't know [or need to know] what the price is, but I like the sound of it! Yours has all of the bells/whistles! I found a 102 Trophy with the 8" barrel and blonde box a while ago. No... more
          • Supermatic Trophy 102 seriesJohn J Stimson, II, Sat Sep 8 09:02
            Hello Jason, Your speculations are just muddying the waters. Clearly you are not familiar with these guns. These guns cane with two weights, the stabilizer, stabilizer cleaning tool and a couple of... more
          • sticker and followup to barrel stampRon Cantrell, Sat Sep 8 08:17
            Its priced like two very impeccable Smith & Wesson cased 29-2's! Yes both barrel compensators are present, but I was really more curious about collectors putting these sets together themselves, and... more
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