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jason stratton
102 Trophy blonde
Sat Sep 8, 2018 03:27


I don't know [or need to know] what the price is, but I like the sound of it! Yours has all of the bells/whistles!

I found a 102 Trophy with the 8" barrel and blonde box a while ago. No weights or muzzle brake though.

Who buys a 'space gun' and gets rid of the weights?

Does yours have the muzzle brake/compensator?

Those seem to sell for over $100 now a days.

Does this come with two slides also?

IIRC, the 8" barreled version has the rear sight on the slide, and the 10" version has it on the rear of the barrel itself.

Thus, the sight radius for the 10" barrel is 10", but the 8" barrel sight radius is closer to 11 or 12, as it is at the end of the slide.

If this only has one slide, I would hope it is the one with a rear sight for the 8" barrel.

Yet, that would mean 2 rear sights when using the 10" barrel.

Unless the 10" barrel has no rear sight at all?

Just thinking it through.

As to originality, I don't have the resources John has. thus, I am not qualified to offer an expert opinion.

Cool to find that set though!

  • 102 Trophy Blonde Boxed SetRon Cantrell, Fri Sep 7 23:17
    Thank you. The grip medallions are of the small eagle variety. There are 3 weights, rounded bottoms. At this time there is a small one mounted to the 10" barrel and a large and small one mounted to... more
    • 102 Trophy blonde — jason stratton, Sat Sep 8 03:27
      • Supermatic Trophy 102 seriesJohn J Stimson, II, Sat Sep 8 09:02
        Hello Jason, Your speculations are just muddying the waters. Clearly you are not familiar with these guns. These guns cane with two weights, the stabilizer, stabilizer cleaning tool and a couple of... more
      • sticker and followup to barrel stampRon Cantrell, Sat Sep 8 08:17
        Its priced like two very impeccable Smith & Wesson cased 29-2's! Yes both barrel compensators are present, but I was really more curious about collectors putting these sets together themselves, and... more
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