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Thomas Tarter
Barrel length
Sat Sep 8, 2018 14:39

If it helps, the barrel is 5 1/4 inches from the very front of the receiver to the end of the barrel.

  • Hi-Standard Model BThomas Tarter, Sat Sep 8 14:28
    Hello. I have a Hi-Standard Model B. The grip is solid wood and has flanges on both sides (one on left, two on right) making it suitable as only a right handed gun. The only serial number I can find... more
    • Model B type I-AJohn J Stimson, II, Fri Sep 14 07:02
      Hello Thom, 22,985 probably shipped in May 1937. I am not at home where My Microfilm is and my inter net is out there until the 23rd. You can use a small rod to push in where the retracting rod has... more
      • Thank you!Thomas Tarter, Fri Sep 14 09:19
        Thank you John! I appreciate your response and the extra information! Sorry to hear about the lack of internet. Good luck with getting it restored! Thom
    • Slide LeverThomas Tarter, Sat Sep 8 14:55
      Also, My particular gun has two levers on the left side. Thank you in advance. Thom
    • Barrel length — Thomas Tarter, Sat Sep 8 14:39
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