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Catalog # 9295
Sun Sep 9, 2018 21:48

Hello Greg,

If you don't mind, I have a few questions bout your gun.

You'd know it's a model 104 since that's what's stamped on the slide.

I assume your 5 1/2" Bull barreled Olympic has a Stabilizer and two Cylinder shaped weights, one "fatter" than the other.

1) Does it have the backlash adjustment screw on the right side of the frame, or does it have the travel "stop screw" set in the trigger?

2) Did you receive the original box with your gun? Does it still have the "model" tape on the left (I'd imagine "9295 Olympic 5 1/2")?

3) If so, is there evidence of perhaps another taped on sticker underneath it?


  • catalog 9295 Greg Markel, Sun Sep 9 20:58
    Hello John I have observed you may be looking for field reporting on the 9294 and 9295 Olympics. I can report a catalog #9295 model 104 Olympic serial# 1375508. Hope this helps!
    • Olympic 104 seriesJohn J. Stimson, II, Mon Sep 10 06:27
      Hello Greg, Thanks for the data. This is clearly a 9295 as it is a few production lots past the transition. John Stimson
      • Re: Olympic 104 seriesGreg Markel, Mon Sep 10 10:10
        Hi John You're welcome, hope it helped and thanks for your dedication to the High Standard research! Greg
    • Catalog # 9295 — James Gammel, Sr., Sun Sep 9 21:48
      • catalog 9295Greg Markel, Sun Sep 9 23:45
        It has the over travel screw in the trigger and yes the accessories are present. The catalog # tape is present but no description left hard to say if the box is a rebranded 9295.The box lid has been... more
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