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Ron Cantrell
stud attachment note
Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:57

Hey Mr. Stimson I'm not sure I'm familiar enough to respond well to the question and the pictures are limited but here is what I can share. The 10" is mounted to the frame and it has a pin through the barrel between the "R" in Rifle and the "E" in Supermatic. The pin protrudes through both sides of the barrel seemingly about where the stud should be. On the 8" barrel, there is no pin through the barrel, the stud is inset into a small square notch and there seems to be a small pin holding it at the bottom side of the barrel perhaps, would not be visible if the barrel were attached to the frame. So, it seems one of them would be incorrect for the period?

  • SUpermatic Trophy 102 seriesJohn J. Stimson, II, Mon Sep 10 05:41
    Hello Ron, Do the barrels with this gun have the barrel retaining studs pinned to the barrel or are teh studs staked to the barrel? John Stimson
    • 102 Trophy configuration followupRon Cantrell, Wed Sep 12 22:21
      Hey Mr. Stimson, The owner of this set happens to have several other very similar items and it might be within the reason of possibility to arrange to get an un-pinned lug 10" barrel which it seems... more
      • Supermatic Trophy 102 seriesJohn J Stimson, II, Fri Sep 14 06:56
        Hello Ron, 819,982 shipped as a catalog number 9252 on 5/28/1958 to account number 3220 on invoice number 21321. This seems early for a pinned barrel. John Stimson
    • stud attachment note — Ron Cantrell, Mon Sep 10 11:57
      • pin vs. stakedJames Gammel, Sr., Mon Sep 10 12:42
        Hi Ron, on or off the frame if there is a PIN you'd see it. It'd be above the frame Above the "E" in "supErmatic" stamped on the frame. Lacking a PIN there would lead to only one possible conclusion, ... more
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