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James Gammel, Sr.
Cadmium magazines
Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:26

Hi Ron,

ALL 102's shipped with Cadmium plated magazines. It wasn't until the early 103's when they switched to blue with blue followers (metal). Some people call them black so I never know if they are referring to Triple K's which did some black plastic followers in slant grip magazines. So your 102 Citation regardless of serial number shipped with a Cadmium plated magazine, the two blues you received with it are either non-H-S or 103 era magazines. NO 102 would have shipped with a blued one. Two incorrect mags for the Citation is the correct answer. You'll need to find another Cadmium plated for the 102 "set" if you get it, unless it already has one.

Cadmium plated ran from 1954 until 1960 with the 103's Your out of place looking one was actually the type that it would have shipped with. This should save you from asking later.


  • Cadmium Magazine on hand!Ron Cantrell, Mon Sep 10 11:43
    Hey Jim, I saw this last night as well and was a good reference for me. All these years and I haven't been familiar with this type magazine as I haven't had a gun in the time frame these were used.... more
    • Cadmium magazines — James Gammel, Sr., Mon Sep 10 12:26
      • Cadmium plated magazinesJohn J Stimson, II, Mon Sep 10 18:13
        Hello Jim, All 102's did not ship with cadmium plated magazines. The drawing change for the finish change was in August 1959 about a year before the 103's appeared. Certainly there was a time frame... more
        • Cad. Plated magsJames Gammel, Sr., Mon Sep 10 19:19
          Hello John and Ron, My apologies, I must have been thinking the round bottom weights vs. the flat bottoms with the 102/103 shift Sorry about that, Jim
      • Transition periodRon Cantrell, Mon Sep 10 13:57
        Hey Jim, the knowledge base here is obviously top drawer! Appreciate you all for your time helping others out. The reason I left open the possibility for a blue mag on the Citation was from a post... more
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