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pin vs. staked
Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:42

Hi Ron,

on or off the frame if there is a PIN you'd see it. It'd be above the frame Above the "E" in "supErmatic" stamped on the frame. Lacking a PIN there would lead to only one possible conclusion, The Barrel retaining stud is STAKED. With the barrel off, you'd easily see the "dent" where it's Staked.

In this case "staked" doesn't refer to a another "piece" like a tent stake/pin.

I've got examples of both, If I had your email address I could send you photos of both types on and off a frame.



  • stud attachment noteRon Cantrell, Mon Sep 10 11:57
    Hey Mr. Stimson I'm not sure I'm familiar enough to respond well to the question and the pictures are limited but here is what I can share. The 10" is mounted to the frame and it has a pin through... more
    • pin vs. staked — James Gammel, Sr., Mon Sep 10 12:42
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