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Ron Cantrell
Transition period
Mon Sep 10, 2018 13:57

Hey Jim, the knowledge base here is obviously top drawer! Appreciate you all for your time helping others out. The reason I left open the possibility for a blue mag on the Citation was from a post from Mr. Stimson on 5-17-11 that mentioned a transition to blue at 08-18-59, and another post dated 05-17-11 that mentioned that early 102s would have cadmium. My Citation serial number would possibly put it in that era of mid 1959. So just thought it might be a possibility. Regardless wouldn't hurt to find one if the chance comes along!

  • Cadmium magazinesJames Gammel, Sr., Mon Sep 10 12:26
    Hi Ron, ALL 102's shipped with Cadmium plated magazines. It wasn't until the early 103's when they switched to blue with blue followers (metal). Some people call them black so I never know if they... more
    • Cadmium plated magazinesJohn J Stimson, II, Mon Sep 10 18:13
      Hello Jim, All 102's did not ship with cadmium plated magazines. The drawing change for the finish change was in August 1959 about a year before the 103's appeared. Certainly there was a time frame... more
      • Cad. Plated magsJames Gammel, Sr., Mon Sep 10 19:19
        Hello John and Ron, My apologies, I must have been thinking the round bottom weights vs. the flat bottoms with the 102/103 shift Sorry about that, Jim
    • Transition period — Ron Cantrell, Mon Sep 10 13:57
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