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Michael Gillespie
Supermatic Citation Mod 104
Mon Sep 10, 2018 18:55

Regarding my model 104 Citation serial# 1,360,736, slant grip, wood grips with 1/2" large eagle gold medallions, 5 1/2" bull barrel, came in what may or may not be an original box with yellow tape over what would be serial and catalog #'s, no #'s shown. The box has a different logo in the target, not the eagle but a trigger or wing with the words "High Standard sporting firearms". Black follower in the one mag included. The barrel has a very high polish finish like my 104 Trophy, just acquired, and the "22 long rifle" and eagle, seems to be filled with a gold tone. Assembly code found on frame top, left, front of mag well; "BH" or "8H", can't tell which. Can you tell me if this barrel is original and decipher the mfg. date code for me, as well as offer the ship date and catalog # etc? Thank you kindly for your help. Michael Gillespie.

    • Supermatic Citation 104 seriesJohn J Stimson, II, Fri Sep 14 07:12
      Hello Michael, 1,360,736 shipped as a catalog number 9263 with key serial number 1.396,901 on 10/26/2018. You have a Supermatic Trophy Barrel on this gun that is not original to the frame. The box is ... more
      • Citation 104 ship dateMichael Gillespie, Fri Sep 14 11:49
        I have a feeling that ship year "2018" is a typo, would that ship year be 1964, as it was apparently assembled February 1964? Is there a public accessible table of assembly codes/assembly code... more
        • Date errorJohn J Stimson, II, Fri Sep 14 12:01
          Hello Michael, Yes that was an error and as you surmised should have been 1964. However sometimes guns did not ship for a year or two. The acceptance date codes were on my website but were taken down ... more
    • ???James Gammel, Sr., Mon Sep 10 19:36
      Michael, Am I going crazy or did I see this same request a while ago? Looks like a copy and past of a post earlier, and added the follow-up made to your original post.... more
      • Supermatic Citation Mod 104Michael Gillespie, Mon Sep 10 19:49
        Yes, it is essentially a repeat of a previous request for information on my newly acquired Citation model 104. The original request for information was not responded to, so I thought I may have... more
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