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Tim Witt
Nylon holster for Model B
Wed Sep 12, 2018 00:16

Anyone using a nylon compact belt holster for a Model B or other HS that are the same frame or nearly the same frame? Maybe even another brand pistol that is nearly the same size and shape.
Holster brand and model please.
I'm looking at Ace Case and Uncle Mikes online. Don't like the plastic belt loop on Uncle Mikes. Hard to tell if it fits without the proper pistol in the photo of the holster.

    • Nylon HolsterJames Gammel,Sr, Wed Sep 12 10:02
      Hello Tim, Have you considered a shoulder rig? I use a "WTG" Nylon shoulder rig with my Mitchell 7 1/4" Mitchell Trophy II, Horizontal carry. It'll easily adjust to be a perfect fit whether I'm... more
      • Nylon holster for Model BTim Witt, Wed Sep 12 14:45
        James, Thanks for the reply. The waist belt holster would be better for me because summer sweat would soak the shoulder straps and holster. I am waiting for a leather Bucheimer B412X waist belt... more
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