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James Gammel,Sr
Nylon Holster
Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:02

Hello Tim,

Have you considered a shoulder rig? I use a "WTG" Nylon shoulder rig with my Mitchell 7 1/4" Mitchell Trophy II, Horizontal carry. It'll easily adjust to be a perfect fit whether I'm wearing just a T shirt or well bundled up for Winter hunting. Has a double mag pouch so I have 3 fully loaded magazines with me if needed. It'll take any frame with barrel of my choosing in length. Still allows me to carry a slung shotgun if decided. I can walk hands free and quickly access either gun at my option. They make several sizes so you can find one from a colt mustang or anything (almost) bigger. Even digital camo or black options. Sets up right or left handed draw.


  • Nylon holster for Model BTim Witt, Wed Sep 12 00:16
    Anyone using a nylon compact belt holster for a Model B or other HS that are the same frame or nearly the same frame? Maybe even another brand pistol that is nearly the same size and shape. Holster... more
    • Nylon Holster — James Gammel,Sr, Wed Sep 12 10:02
      • Nylon holster for Model BTim Witt, Wed Sep 12 14:45
        James, Thanks for the reply. The waist belt holster would be better for me because summer sweat would soak the shoulder straps and holster. I am waiting for a leather Bucheimer B412X waist belt... more
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