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Gary Borsos
Sport king issues
Wed Sep 12, 2018 15:11

Serial #2462583: with OEM magazine from Brownell(might be triple K brand) the slide will not stay open after last round fired like factory magazine that works fine? Any suggested modification to this after market magazine to make it work?
Also I had a gunsmith tell me to only use standard velocity ammo as high velocity will damage frame and bolt? I expect this pistol was made in 1970ís to 1980ís and there is no marking on barrel for standard velocity only. Any reason to not use high velocity?

    • Sport King 103 sereisJohn J Stimson, II, Fri Sep 14 12:07
      Hello Gary, An OEM magazine and a Triple K magazine are sometimes different. and from your limited description I have no idea what you have. Without knowing what you have I cannot make a reasonable... more
      • high velocity ammoJames Gammel, Sr., Fri Sep 14 13:03
        Hello Gary, Just to "add" to what John eloquently posted, I, and most people I know has found that High Velocity .22 LR ammo, especially in pistols is less accurate than standard velocity ammo. I was ... more
        • Sport King feedbackGary Borsos, Fri Sep 14 15:50
          My thanks to John and Jim on my questions I will only use SV ammo going forward as this pistol is in new consition. I was able to send magazine back to Brownells for an exchange. They said it was a... more
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