Wed Nov 7, 2018 20:23

i have a 6 3/4" barrel SN 14600....could i get a date for it?...


    • Model H-D MilitaryJohn J Stimson II, Thu Nov 8 05:36
      14,600 is not a valid serial number for a Model H-D Military. There are too few digits in that serial number. John Stimson
      • MODEL HD MILITARYGary Hitchcock, Thu Nov 8 06:09
        John that is the only number on the front side of the grip.... is there anyway to post a pic on your forum?
        • Model H-D MilitaryJohn J Stimson, II, Thu Nov 8 14:03
          Hello Gary, Yes, if you can put it on a hosting service. Otherwise, no. There should be a full serial number on the right side of the slide or perhaps more likely the last several digits of the... more
          • MODEL HD MILITARYGary Hitchcock, Thu Nov 8 23:14
            John i found a very faded 2 at the beginning of the it is 214600 and 4600 under side of the has a screw on the front of the frame and walnut grips and the bluing is... more
            • Model H-D MilitaryJohn J Stimson II, Sun Nov 11 08:21
              Hello Gary, 214,600 falls near the end of about 400 serial numbers that I have not been able to find. Those numbers are from around October 1947. Clearly the grips have been modified by some previous ... more
              • MODEL HD MILITARYGary Hitchcock, Mon Nov 12 20:16
                John thanks so much for the info.....i thought the grips where not right.... Gary
        • HD MilitaryJames Gammel, Sr., Thu Nov 8 10:06
          Hello Gary, Posting a pic won't help. We can assume you can read and post what is stamped on the frame. John told you that 14,600 can't be a serial Number for a HD Military. That suggests that... more
    • HD MiitaryJames Gammel, Sr., Wed Nov 7 23:25
      Hello Gary, Sure you could and a lot more. However, You need to start by reading and following the forum guidance at the top of this site. First require is (real) both first and last name, just... more
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