manufacture date of JC Higgins model 21 shotgun
Wed Nov 7, 2018 23:20

I just acquired a nice old shotgun, a JC Higgins model 21 20 ga pump shotgun with wood stocks with a 3 inch chamber. There is no serial number that I can find. There is a number on the barrel, 583.2076. There is also a barrel stamping near the receiver, EF. Can you tell me approximately when this shotgun was manufactured? Thank you.

    • Sears J. C. Higgins Model 21John J Stimson, Thu Nov 8 05:49
      Hello Andrew, You shotgun was accepted from assembly in May 1962 (EF). 583.2076 is the Sears reference where the 583 is the vendor, High Standard and the 2076 identifies the specific model and... more
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