101 magazine releasing
Wed Nov 7, 2018 23:32

Hello Mat,

If your magazine is original it would be cadmium plated. It that what you have?

Your symptom sounds like a magazine that's too "fat" at the top. I assume you have factory grips? Custom grips on these pistols can make releasing magazine a real chore; However having to push from the top is more indicative of a "fat" rust-swollen cadmium or even blued magazine. And yes, a proper fitting one should free-fall especially with the slide locked back. check for dents on the forward and rearward narrow long "sides" between the one with the button and it's opposite sides, especially on the corners.



  • M-101 magizine release. Mat Sechler, Wed Nov 7 22:01
    So I might be stupid. But when I hit my maginze release I have to then either push from the top or pull the magazine out from the bottom. It doesnít free fall. Itís tough also to get out, takes some... more
    • 101 magazine releasing — James Gammel, SR., Wed Nov 7 23:32
      • Re: 101 magazine releasingMat Sechler, Thu Nov 8 01:04
        Thanks Jim. Iíll take a look at the top see if it is fat. Iím assuming itís original, it says High Standard on the bottom. Itís silver, had some rust where the release would hold it. I cleaned it up... more
        • 101 magazine releasingJames Gammel, Sr., Thu Nov 8 09:57
          Hello Mat, Your description of being "silver" confirms that unless blue has been completely buffed off, it's a cadmium plated magazine. "rust" at the release, would indicates at the very bottom at... more
          • Re: 101 magazine releasingMat Sechler, Thu Nov 8 10:36
            Thanks for all the help Jim. One more question for you. Does pretty much any of the .22 magainzes work for it? They say Models A, HA, D, HD HD-USA, HD Military E & HE & GD Mat
            • Magazines for M-101John J Stimson II, Fri Nov 9 10:49
              Hello Mat, Just to be sure we are talking the same thing. The M-101 is the second generation Dura-Matic. Some parts lists also use M-101 for the S-101, O-101, and FK-101. Your source of information... more
              • Re: Magazines for M-101Mat Sechler, Fri Nov 9 11:48
                I was just reading some descriptions. Wasnít sure if the ones that said that would work. But I found some that list my model also. Thanks for letting me know those will not work.
            • 101 Magazine.James Gammel, Sr., Thu Nov 8 11:34
              Hello Mat, Steer clear of the slant grip early magazines; two-toned, finger style, etc. Get the slant grip types with the blued metal followers, and delrin (plastic) light green followers. most of... more
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