101 Magazine.
Thu Nov 8, 2018 11:34

Hello Mat,

Steer clear of the slant grip early magazines; two-toned, finger style, etc. Get the slant grip types with the blued metal followers, and delrin (plastic) light green followers.
most of these will have 5 and 10 counts stamped on the button side, and also "Hi-Standard" imprinted on the floor plate. I like at least 3 if you shoot competitvely. If I keep the loaded up, it's with just 8 to save on compressing the spring for long periods of time. You can slip in the other 2 just prior to insertion in the magazine well. Keep the magazines clean. H-S recommended cleaning in clean diesel or kerosene, air blow dry and there good to go for quite a while. boxed or zip-locked bagged works wonder too.
snack sized are great for one or two.

  • Re: 101 magazine releasingMat Sechler, Thu Nov 8 10:36
    Thanks for all the help Jim. One more question for you. Does pretty much any of the .22 magainzes work for it? They say Models A, HA, D, HD HD-USA, HD Military E & HE & GD Mat
    • Magazines for M-101John J Stimson II, Fri Nov 9 10:49
      Hello Mat, Just to be sure we are talking the same thing. The M-101 is the second generation Dura-Matic. Some parts lists also use M-101 for the S-101, O-101, and FK-101. Your source of information... more
      • Re: Magazines for M-101Mat Sechler, Fri Nov 9 11:48
        I was just reading some descriptions. Wasnít sure if the ones that said that would work. But I found some that list my model also. Thanks for letting me know those will not work.
    • 101 Magazine. — James Gammel, Sr., Thu Nov 8 11:34
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