Bob Goodrich
M103 Tournament info
Thu Dec 6, 2018 09:41


What info do you have for M103 Supermatic Tournament, 22LR, ser. # 1362189. Has both the 6.75" Tournament and 4.5" Tournament barrels, both pinned barrel retaining stud and eagle logo. No overall trigger travel stop screw in the right side of the frame. No trigger stop set screw in the trigger. Steel slide without the Grove lines in the top of the slide in front of the adjustible rear sight. Ser. # on the frame and side match. No striping on the front or back of grip frame. Brown Bake-o-lite grips with large eagle medalions. HS clip with blued metal follower.


    • Supermatic Tournament 103 seriesJohn J Stimson II, Fri Dec 7 20:21
      Hello Bob, 1,362,189 shipped as a catalog number 9271 with key serial number 1,362,171 on 6/24/1964 to account number 4877 on invoice number 25914. Supermatic Tournament two barrel combinations,... more
      • supermatic S101fred valente, Sat Dec 8 07:21
        Hi John picked up a supermatic S101 ser# 685710 . 6 3/4" bar and brown Bakelite grips. All # match. Would u have any info on this firearm? Question does all these model have a floating firing pin... more
        • Supermatic S-101John J Stimson II, Sun Dec 9 17:35
          Hello Fred, Yes these pistols have a floating firing pin without a spring. 685,710 shipped as a catalog number 9119 on 5/14/1957 to account number 3270 on invoice number 11929. John Stimson
        • S-101James Gammel, Sr., Sun Dec 9 11:23
          Hello Fred, You would be advised to make your post "in a new thread" rather than tacked on to Someone Else's thread. There is a spring that retracts the firing pin. If you remove the slide you can... more
          • Supermatic SK-101John J Stimson II, Sun Dec 9 17:31
            Hello Jim, This model and other models in the 101 series did not use a firing pin spring. Models beginning with the 102 series and all following did have a firing pin spring. The hammer letter series ... more
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