John J Stimson II
Sport King Special A-103
Mon Dec 31, 2018 08:35

Hello Steve,

The A-103 series was produced from about mid 1962 through about mid 1966.

the markings appear to me to be JI and CT. JI would be an appropriate acceptance date code for October 1965. CT would not be an acceptable date code for your model.

John Stimson

  • Sport King Special A-103sjpaventy, Sun Dec 30 22:16
    Sure. I was not able to figure out how to attach an image here, so I sent them to your email address.
    • Sport King Special A-103 — John J Stimson II, Mon Dec 31 08:35
      • Sport King Special A-103Steve Paventy, Mon Jan 14 00:54
        Sorry. I've been offline for a bit. Thanks very much for your help on this. I appreciate your time and effort. It's a nice thing you do here. Steve.
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