series 104 Olympic ISU
Sat Jan 5, 2019 22:56

Hello Joe,

The flat bottom weights, there are two with that description. However one is Taller/Thicker than the other (later).

The eagle logo on the barrel, but trigger logo on the grip medallions raise an eyebrow. I would have expected both to be the same eagle/eagle or trigger/trigger. The serial number suggest 1967 which was trigger time. The "swooped) or bellied frame is appropriate for a 67 104.

Is this something on your radar, or something you have already purchased and have to live with?


  • ISU Olympic Series 104Joe Pentino, Sat Jan 5 20:02
    Hello John, What can you tell me about a Series 104 I.S.U. Olympic serial number 1,621,927 it has a 6 3/4" tapered eagle logo barrel with two flat bottom weights and integral stabilizer,early swooped ... more
    • Cancel requestJoe Pentino, Sat Jan 12 11:59
      Not needed, Thanks, Joe
    • series 104 Olympic ISU — James Gammel, Sr., Sat Jan 5 22:56
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