Re: A.H. Hardy holster
Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:19

I have a A J Hardy 385 shoulder holster, with makers mark. Beverly Hills. I have health issues and want to move it on to a collector. Wanting to sell.

  • A.H. Hardy holsterJac E. Chace, Thu Jul 5 04:17
    I am a decendent of A.H. Hardy (Albert Howard Hardy) he was known as Bert by family. My mother has spoken of him for years. I also inherited a 22 from my father. I am very interested in acquiring a... more
    • Re: A.H. Hardy holster — Anonymous, Sun Jan 13 12:19
    • AH Hardy rifle scabbardPC Freeny, Fri Feb 16 18:07
      I have an AH Hardy 2-piece rifle scabbard that I wpould be willing to sell
    • Holster and PistolEd Wallace, Fri Dec 22 15:26
      Don't know if this is what you are looking for but I have a Hardy's Holster with a Navasota, Texas, No. 162, Stamped on the back It has been the home of a Hi-Standard Model H-D Military 22 long... more
    • Capt. A. H. HardyRegnier, Sun May 28 13:20
      Jac; I too am interested in information regarding Capt. Albert H. Hardy. I recently acquired a couple of leather items by him while in Beverly Hills, Ca. Looking for photographs of him and exhibition ... more
    • Re: A.H. Hardy holsterAnonymous, Sun Jan 1 09:27
      Hi Jac E. Chance I due have Captain A.H Hardy .22 Caliber Level Action Rifel it also says Specially made for Captain A H Hardy on the others side has a Deer in grave, will like to now you're offer?
      • Capt. Hardy & MarlinRegnier, Sun May 28 14:08
        Capt. Hardy was well known to have used Marlin firearms in his exhibition shooting. The 1915 Marlin catalog has several photos of Capt. Hardy using a couple of Marlin rifles and a Marlin shotgun... more
    • AH HardyDennis Flaherty, Mon May 9 20:21
      My name is Dennis Flaherty. I am the son of Kathryn Hardy and grandson of Capt. A.H. Hardy. How are we related? Best regards, Dennis Flaherty
    • AH Hardy mutton caseS. Pruitt, Wed Apr 30 13:21
      I am sure this is an outdated post, sorry. I recently discovered a leg of mutton take-down case that was my grandfathers. It is marked AH Hardy, Denver, CO, Maker. This is an intricately engraved,... more
      • A.h. HardyJohn Witty, Thu May 1 12:02
        Capt. Hardy moved from Denver to Beverly Hills, Ca. in the late 1920's or early '30's. I'm away so I can't check my references for the exact date. That's a very fine collectible piece you have,... more
    • A.H> Hardy HolsterKevin Hurley, Mon Apr 8 20:59
      I was recently gifted a holster marked "A.H. Hardy - Maker - Beverly Hills California" It is also stamped "45" it fits my model 1911 perfectly and is very ornately carved. The style is military with... more
    • a.h. hardy 22cal holsterAnonymous, Sun Mar 3 14:14
      I have some pictures I can send you if you want to take a look at the holster. Thanks, Chuck Plummer
    • Hardy leatherDouglas Jensen, Sun Jul 29 22:32
      I would be interested in purchasing Hardy items. Doug
      • Hardy leather - rifle scabbardDominic, Mon Apr 7 22:20
        Hello, I have a rifle scabbard marked A.H. Hardy Beverly Hills in very good shape. Let me know if you are interested. I'm in the process of figuring out what it may be worth. I can send some pictures.
    • Hardy holsterJohn Witty, Fri Jul 6 12:09
      A friend told me to post my name- John Witty 20th Century gun leather collector I have a nice collection of Hardy leather & would love to know more about him. I believe we have corresponded before... more
    • AH Hardyturnerriver, Fri Jul 6 07:29
      I have a number of Hardy holsters. Please contact me & we'll figure something out. Regards, turnerriver
      • Re: AH HardyAnonymous, Thu Feb 21 09:38
        I am a relative of Albert Howard Hardy (Cap) and would like some more information on him. I have written to Grant Co. Courthouse as he lived in Hyannis for a time before going to CA. He was quite a... more
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