Giles custom High Standard 5 1/2"
Mon Oct 1, 2007 11:33 (XFF:

Hello John
I just purchased a Giles custom High Standard with a serial 31744529 can you give me the year of manufacture. I would like to know what frame was used if possible. The serial # on the frame and barrel match. The grips are stippled. Two red bottom magazines. Othe than the High Standard roll mark there are no other markings, no model number, etc.. Was this H.S. manufactured in Hamden or East Hartford? It has a Douglas barrel 5 1/2 " in length. It has the Bomar rib and on the rib it's marked "Giles 45 Shop Odessa Fl.". it has a custom trigger. It does NOT have the sear engagement screw in the back of the frame.
I thought it would have had the Gile's barrel but I am guessing that you had a choice when you had the work done.
Any help with this would be appreciated.
Thanks, Ed

    • Giles customJohn J. Stimson, Jr., Mon Oct 1 11:52
      Hello Ed, The serial number you gave is not a good serial number. There are too many digits. Dependign on teh series of teh gun, there were several different serial number formats that might make... more
      • Giles customEd, Tue Oct 2 08:21
        Hello John I made a mistake in giving you the serial # the corrected serial # is 1744529. Another mistake was to describe the rib as a Bomar rib, I was just thinking it looked like a Bomar rib. This... more
        • Trophy 106 Giles customJohn J. Stimson, Jr., Tue Oct 2 12:05
          Hello Ed, That is a good serial number. 1,744,529 shipped as a 9247-S with key serial number 1,744,524 on 4/12/1967 to account number 3260-104 on invice number 17818-3. THis Trophy was one of the... more
          • Giles custom High StandardEd, Tue Oct 2 20:31
            Hello John Thank you for all your helpful information. I am thrilled to see the catalogue you posted what great information, descriptions, photo's, and types of custom work. My only hope now is that... more
            • Trophy 106 Giles customJohn J. Stimson, Jr, Tue Oct 2 20:58
              Hello Ed, Are you saying that the only marking on right side of the frame is the serial number - that the words "MILITARY" and "MODEL 106" are mot roll marked on teh frame ? I have a 106 without the... more
              • Trophy 106 Giles customEd, Wed Oct 10 09:48
                Hello John I took possesion of the Giles custom and to answer your question there is no sear engagement screw in the back of the frame above the trigger force adjsutment screw. "Are you saying that... more
                • Supermatic Trophy 106 GilesJohn J. Stimson, Jr., Wed Oct 10 10:35
                  Hello Ed, You can sent photos to me at johnjr@histandard.info and I can post them for you. The Sear engagement screw swas on some but not all Giles annd Clark custom pistols. Both Gunsmiths used this ... more
                  • Model 106 Trophy Giles customEd, Thu Oct 11 21:09
                    Hello John I have attempted to send you photos of the Giles custombut have been getting a delivery notification error. Is the e-mail address -- johnjr@histandard.info It not working for me. Help.... more
              • Giles 106 TournamentJack H, Wed Oct 3 01:01
                Here is my Giles. I have the papers for it too. Date was 1973. A letter from Giles to the customer says he usually converts Trophys or Citations but the Tournament will do. The test target by Giles... more
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