John J. Stimson, Jr..
Sentinel R-107
Mon Oct 29, 2007 06:18 (XFF:

Hello Everett,

1,781,148 shipped as a catalog number 9146 with key serial number 1,781,092 on 6/23/1067 to account number 440 00 on invoice number 23792-1 .

What is teh barel length on this revolver?

John Stimson

  • R-107 sentinel deluxeEverett Smith, Sun Oct 28 21:19
    Hi,can you give me any information on my recently acquired r-107 revolver serial# 1781148 thanks
    • Sentinel R-107 — John J. Stimson, Jr.., Mon Oct 29 06:18
      • R-107 barrel lengthEverett Smith, Mon Oct 29 17:23
        Hi John,I'm not really sure where to measure from,but from the end of the barrel to the gun frame is 2 1/2 inches and from the end of the barrel to the cylender is 3 1/2 inches.So what would that... more
        • R-107 Barrel lengthJohn J. Stimson, Jr., Mon Oct 29 20:34
          Hello Everett, The barrel length is from the face of the cylinder wherre the barrel ends at the rear to the front end of the barrel. I was expecting 4.00". John Stimson
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