John J. Stimson, Jr.
Supermatic Citation 107 series
Wed Sep 3, 2008 16:16 (XFF:

Hello Art,

1,947,167 shipped as a catalog number 9242 with key serial number 1,947,177 on 8/5/1968 to account number 20985-7 on invoice number 30264.

The factory used vpi for corrosion potection so I would guess that the gunk on teh slide and barrel was put there by the person who set this gun away for some future time.

All guns were fired at the factroy.

There are still guns out there that are unused or virtually unuded. THey are not as common as they once were but they are out there. Mostly set away in collections. I have bought a number of models at auctions over the years that are like new.

Personally I believe that the status of being unfired is not really relevant although a lot of people seem to feel that when selling a gun that they are compelled to say "unfired", "fired less than a box", etc. A gun that is properly cared for can look like new for a long time. I own a number of them.

The value in the Blue Book would be what I would reference.

John Stimson

  • high standard 107Art jackson, Wed Sep 3 15:40
    Hello..i just recently purchased a high standard model 107 supermatic citation military. The gun is 100% and appears to be unfired as the factory protective coating is still on the breacgh face and... more
    • Supermatic Citation 107 series — John J. Stimson, Jr., Wed Sep 3 16:16
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