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Captain Dill
Quidditch Sign Ups!
Fri Oct 7, 2016 14:55

When he and John finished eating, Clark headed up to Aladren. He might not have gotten Head Boy, but he was still Prefect and Quidditch Captain so he wanted to be present when Pye brought in the first years so he could wave when his name came up and people would know who to look for if they needed a prefect or had a Quidditch question. He also wanted to get back before Oliver so he could grab the sign up sheet he'd made over the summer from his bag and get that posted early.

The Aladren team sign ups were going to need all the exposure time they could get if he wanted a full list before try-outs. The team had graduated two players last year and the current rate of new players left them at a deficit. He optimistically hoped, though, that he'd get two names without needing to beg or twist arms. It had looked to him like Aladren had drawn in a sizable crop of first years, so hopefully there were a few players in there. The probability even looked pretty good that, if there were, maybe Arianna wouldn't be by herself again as the token girl on the team. Clark was kind of hoping that under his captaincy, Aladren Quidditch would lose its air of a pureblood boy club. Being led by a pair of half bloods (or whatever it was that John was, because, obviously, Clark had confirmed his best friend as the team's assistant captain when the coach nominated him), hopefully went a long way in that regard without them even needing to do anything.

Aladren Quidditch Team

The sign started out in the standard manner, though it was printed in white ink on black paper in hopes of standing out a bit more. It was also framed with bright blue paper that glimmered and even glowed a little bit, though Clark expected he would need to re-cast those charms a couple of times before he took the sheet down, to keep them at top vibrancy.

Sign up below to join the Aladren House Team and help us reclaim our title of Quidditch Champions! All are welcome! No experience necessary! We have openings for new players, so don't be shy!

Clark hoped he hadn't sounded too desperate in his appeal for players, but he also didn't want to forfeit the year because a muggleborn wanted to wait until they knew how to fly before joining.

The sheet was otherwise compromised of a grid with column headings that read Name, Year, Desired Position(s). The first row was filled with Clark's information as an example.

Captain Clark Dill, 7th, Seeker

He tacked it up on the bulletin board and sat down on one of the couches to wait for Professor Pye to arrive with his party of potential recruits.

    • The Muggleborn girlArianna Valenti, Sat Oct 22 14:01
      It wasn't that Arianna hadn't seen the Quidditch poster right away. And it wasn't as if she hadn't practiced, if somewhat reluctantly, over the summer with Natalie and Gabriel, either. She was still... more
    • Signing up.Amela Layne, Fri Oct 21 12:49
      Lionel had never said much about Houses to Amelia directly – Amelia assumed her brother had not wanted to say anything he might have to regret later if Amelia went into that House – but she had... more
    • Here I am.Jack Spencer, Thu Oct 20 16:42
      Jack was looking forward to the Quidditch season this year. He felt a new energy and he knew there would be some alterations in team dynamics because of a couple new additions. Last year had been... more
    • Better Late than NeverLena Westley, Wed Oct 12 16:53
      It was no secret that Quidditch teams were always looking for players. Despite Teppenpaw having a reserve player last year, Lena wasn’t aware of any teams having had back up players. Lena thought she ... more
    • And a third!Louis Valois, Wed Oct 12 08:55
      When Louis returned to the Aladren common room after the feast (leaving a little after the first years, so as not to be swamped in a sudden flood of ridiculously short people), he was pleased to see... more
    • I'm here.John Umland, Tue Oct 11 17:17
      John had not mentioned it to Clark, seeing no point in stating the obvious, but he was worried about the Quidditch team. They had to get two players, probably both first years, at least one probably... more
    • Adding my nameKit Reid, Mon Oct 10 19:37
      Quidditch hadn’t been something that Kit had actively thought about signing up for. She was a good societal Pureblood and she wanted to make her parents proud, but when she had started thinking about ... more
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