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John Umland
I'm here.
Tue Oct 11, 2016 17:17

John had not mentioned it to Clark, seeing no point in stating the obvious, but he was worried about the Quidditch team. They had to get two players, probably both first years, at least one probably a girl, and convince one of them to play Beater. The odds of all that happening were not, in light of past recruitment trends, very good, and John was particularly concerned about the Beater situation. He’d be the first to argue that his position was more than a caveman brandishing a stick, it required excellent skills in situational analysis and at least a degree of understanding of physics and strategy to be effective, but there was no way around it: arm strength was a definite plus. Most Beaters who were not comatose as a result of their own instruments backfiring on them had it.

He had not mentioned this to Clark either, instead reminding his friend that John had started Beating as a second year and had been perfectly…adequate, anyway, even then. It wasn’t much, but short of blatant, over-the-top lying of the kind that involved forced cheerfulness and which John had almost no skill in, it was as much as John really had to offer on the optimism front.

The sign of a name that wasn’t Clark’s on the sheet when John got to it was a more promising sign. The…person (Kit: diminutive of ‘Kitty,’ frequently itself diminutive of ‘Katherine’ and variants, common female name, but one never knows these days. Have heard third years appear to answer to ‘Kite’ and ‘Hippo.’ Could refer to set of articles or clothing appropriate for a specific purpose, various young animals, group of pigeons. May be male name) had explicitly asked not to be a Beater, but that was okay. That wasn’t the only thing they needed. Kit could be New Theodore, or whatever – he didn’t know if Jack or Louis or Arianna would be willing to move around or if it was even advisable to ask them to, but they’d figure that out later. Right now, he was pretty sure they were only one person down from what they needed. That was the relevant information.

John took out a pen and carefully inscribed his own credentials – John Umland, 6th Year, Beater - on the list before going away with a bit more of a spring in his step than he’d had before. He didn’t know the first thing about Kit Reid, but he or she was currently a person in John’s good books.

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    • I'm here. — John Umland, Tue Oct 11 17:17
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