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Farrah Welsh
Roommate Thread (2nd Years, After the Feast)
Wed Oct 12, 2016 20:19

After the feast, Farrah returned to the Aladren common room feeling much better than she first had coming off of the wagon. Kellen had a way of picking her up when she wasn’t in the mood for anything and she really appreciated his friendship. She really wished that Georgia was an Aladren too because that would have made the night all the more better for Farrah. She had missed her best friend during the summer and was really looking forward to getting to spend time with her in lessons the following morning. She only hoped that Georgia hadn’t been looking for her before the feast since Farrah had accidentally fallen asleep and missed all the time between getting off the wagon and the feast. Thankfully, Madeleine had woken her up in time so that she hadn’t missed that.

Since she had slept for so long that afternoon, Farrah wasn’t necessarily feeling very tired now, which meant that she needed to do something in order to wind down. She bid goodnight to Kellen and made her way up to her dorm room where she was bound to run into her roommates if they hadn’t wandered off to do something else before curfew. Farrah decided to use this time to unwind by unpacking her trunk. Hopefully her roommates wouldn’t be mad at her for doing this now instead of earlier, but if they really wanted to go to sleep, she could just wait until tomorrow evening to finish up.

Farrah was pulling her supplies out of her pack to put away in the desk when she noticed the note on top of her nightstand. She hadn’t noticed it earlier when she had first woken up. Confused, Farrah picked it up and read it over. It wasn’t much, but it still caused a frown to appear and her brows to furrow. She wasn’t really sure why Arianna would need to talk to her or what would have her worried. Since the other girl was not around yet, Farrah dropped the note on the bed and returned to the task at hand.

As she continued to unpack, she heard the door to the dorm room open and she turned to see one of them entering now. She gave a smile as that was always the polite way to greet someone, “Hi.” She said as she turned back to her trunk to pull out some more of her dresses that her mother had neatly folded and hung them up in her wardrobe. “I hope you don’t mind that I’m unpacking now.” She commented. “Did you have a good meal?” She thought that having a nice conversation would at least have her school term off to a better start than it had last term.

    • What funArianna Valenti, Sat Oct 22 13:28
      Arianna made her way back to the Aladren common room, alone and displeased. Either Farrah had not read her letter before the Opening Feast, or she had, and was just blatantly disregarding it. Either... more
      • It always is with you involved.Farrah, Sat Oct 22 16:26
        Farrah felt a little disappointed that it was only Arianna who came into the room. She would have preferred Madeleine or the both of them together rather than just Arianna on her own. Farrah had no... more
        • It takes two to tango but three makes it a party!Madeleine Dautin, Sun Oct 23 20:08
          After dinner with Arianna, Madeleine had made the excuse to her roommate that she needed to find Bastien and talk to him about something. She made sure to appear rather anxious and pressing so that... more
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