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Aislinn Nicolls
Care to share some grumbling?
Fri Oct 14, 2016 00:51

Another day had gone by to which he didnít notice her. Was she doing something wrong? She hated this. She should have been confident enough to be able to talk to him, to tell him that she liked him, but instead she turned into some weird version of herself. All words just seemed to fly from her brain, leaving her standing there mute. She just didnít understand it. She had always told herself that she wouldnít be one of those girls and here she was being one of those girls.

With a sigh, Aislinn entered the Common Room, ready to retreat to her room, where she could forget another day in which she didnít exist in his world and focus on the homework they had been assigned. Most students hated homework, but she was not most students. She didnít love homework, but it was an escape from her reality. So, long as she was focused on the task at hand, she could forget just how forgettable she was.

Unfortunately, that was not meant to be. Cringing, Aislinn automatically lifted her arms in front of her in defense as a book came flying in her direction. It wouldnít have actually hit her. That much was obvious from the angle it had been coming at. Trying to gather herself, more from the embarrassment of acting girly, she fixed her skirt and brushed her fingers through her light brown hair. She was just thankful that he hadnít been anywhere to see such a thing. She would have died of mortification. Being scared of a book and not using simple logic was simply not the attention she wanted.

Part of her wanted to yell at the boy that was now apologizing to her, but she felt for him. Her own frustration haunted her every day. She felt her face softening with a hint of a smile. ďI suppose I can be thankful that it wasnít a bludger. From what I understand, they can be rather nasty. So, Potions, huh? I havenít started the assignment yet, but we can try working on it together, if you want?Ē She didn't normally offer help to anyone since she preferred working alone, but she felt awful for him. Besides, it might help take her mind off her own problems for a bit.

  • Grumble, grumble, grumble.Dustin Newell, Thu Oct 13 23:47
    Heíd been in the Intermediates level classes for a whole year, but Dustin didnít seem to remember this much homework in the first few weeks back last time around. His green eyes glanced between... more
    • Care to share some grumbling? — Aislinn Nicolls, Fri Oct 14 00:51
      • I suppose if you really want some?Dustin, Fri Oct 14 01:11
        Fortunately for Dustin, the girl-- A girl ! What were you thinking?! You couldíve hit her! --he had almost hit with a textbook didnít seem horribly upset by the whole situation. She even sorta... more
        • Well, it is one of those days.Aislinn, Fri Oct 14 19:59
          Aislinn followed the boy, whose name she thought started with a D. That was terrible that she couldnít state his name off the top of her head. But then it didnít help that she didnít pay attention to ... more
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