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I suppose if you really want some?
Fri Oct 14, 2016 01:11

Fortunately for Dustin, the girl--A girl! What were you thinking?! You could’ve hit her!--he had almost hit with a textbook didn’t seem horribly upset by the whole situation. She even sorta smiling at him, which was strange. She probably knew who he was and pitied him, which was infuriating, but he’d already done his raging for the day, so he kept that all inside. As to her identity, he was fairly sure she was in his classes, a bit older than him maybe, and he’d definitely seen her face, perhaps even twofold, if he was remembering correctly. Still, her name currently escaped him.

“Yeah,” he said rather dimly. He was referring to her statement about a Bludger, although he wasn’t going to volunteer his general repulsion from Quidditch because some people, he imagined, would find it emasculating to dislike a sport, especially one so prevalent, as well as referring to her smaller, casual inquiry about Potions, a clearly rhetorical question anyway. As to her last question, offering to work together, Dustin felt an immediate conflict. He couldn’t say no out of concern for manners, but he didn’t want to show her his trouble with the assignment spelled out any more than he’d already had to suggest, lest she think he was stupid.

In the end he settled on letting her into his study environment, choosing pride in his manners over pride in his intellect because only the former could ever really be irrefutable anyway. “I’m working over here,” he stated with an accompanying gesture to the couch. He stood back so she could go over before heading back himself, sitting gingerly on the couch.

“So how far are you?” he asked as he paged through his only slightly damaged textbook to relocate the appropriate page. “I’m about a third of the way through it, personally. Maybe we’ve got different parts answered, though. I know I’ve been jumping around. Oh,” he added, looking up from the page to make some kind of eye contact. “I’m Dustin, by the way.” No point, he rationalized, in any sort of formality with it, since both the situation and his family's reputation were so off-kilter, so he just threw his first name out there mostly in the hopes of being reminded of hers.

  • Care to share some grumbling?Aislinn Nicolls, Fri Oct 14 00:51
    Another day had gone by to which he didn’t notice her. Was she doing something wrong? She hated this. She should have been confident enough to be able to talk to him, to tell him that she liked him,... more
    • I suppose if you really want some? — Dustin, Fri Oct 14 01:11
      • Well, it is one of those days.Aislinn, Fri Oct 14 19:59
        Aislinn followed the boy, whose name she thought started with a D. That was terrible that she couldn’t state his name off the top of her head. But then it didn’t help that she didn’t pay attention to ... more
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