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Jozua Sparks
[HoH Office] If I could impose on your time, Professor Pye?
Fri Oct 14, 2016 12:01

Jozua approached the Aladren Head of House office, which was conveniently located near the library so he didn't need to make a special trip for it. He was still working his way through the collection of biographies of wizards and witches famous for real life acts of derring-do, whether that be for exploration, dueling, or general awesomeness. In anticipation of this meeting, he had just checked out one biography on the duelist Hagen and another book on the forms, rituals, and common spells used in wizard duels.

He knocked, and when he was allowed inside, he screwed up his courage and entered. Professor Pye was a good teacher. No homework was pretty cool, and his quizzes weren't even too bad if you just paid attention and kept up on the reading. He was a bit on the more strict side compared to others, but not horrendously so.

Still, he was a Pye, and ex-auror, and a DADA professor, so by default, Jozua felt just a little bit intimidated approaching the man on his home turf, alone, and without prior invitation. "Uh, hi," he began, obviously a master of eloquence. "At orientation last year, Mr. Xa- I mean, Professor Xavier said we could start clubs that don't already exist, and I was hoping to make a dueling club, and I kind of thought, since you're the DADA professor and all, that you'd be the best choice for advisor and supervisor since it's kind of dangerous with all the hexes and stuff. W-would that be something you'd be interested in helping with, or should I ask someone else?"

Unlike science or book club, who mostly had honorary advisors, a dueling club would probably require an adult presence actively engaged in each meeting, and Jozua felt a little nervous asking for such a commitment from a professor he didn't really know all that well. Professor Xavier would have been much easier to approach but Jozua simply could not visualize the affable portly herbologist in charge of a dueling club and so here he was.

    • Consider it imposed.Professor Pye, Wed Oct 19 02:18
      Alfie had always operated under the theory that any moment the world could be taken over by dark wizards and that the students of Sonora upon emergence into the real world would be grossly under... more
      • Great! I mean, thank you!Jozua, Wed Nov 9 15:10
        Jozua grinned, pleased when Professor Pye not only seemed interested but also expressed regret that the club wasn't already in operation. Awesome. Not awesome that it hadn't existed before and now... more
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