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Well, it is one of those days.
Fri Oct 14, 2016 19:59

Aislinn followed the boy, whose name she thought started with a D. That was terrible that she couldnít state his name off the top of her head. But then it didnít help that she didnít pay attention to most people. Except for him. Otherwise, she stayed within her own world, which consisted of studying. It was sad really given how small the school was that she only knew a few names.

Dropping her overfilled book bag on the floor, Aislinn took a seat on the couch. She was relieved not to have to carry it anymore. It seemed that with fifth year, her homework load had grown significantly. She guessed it made sense since the next year they would be choosing the classes that would affect their futures. She knew that she had to get top scores. Not just to get the top scores, but to move on to the classes she would need go get into a mediwizard program in university.

She didnít know what she would do if she didnít get into a mediwizard program. Her father was a mediwizard. Her grandfather was a mediwizard and owner of a hospital. How could she be anything else? If she didnít, her grandparents would be so disappointed. She always felt like she was a disappointment to her grandparents. They were purebloods and she was wellÖnot. This was her only saving grace.

Pushing her thoughts aside, Aislinn got her textbook out. ďI havenít started it yet. I briefly looked over the questions in class. The substitution theories seem like they would probably be the most difficult.Ē She hated doing substitutions, but were important since they were meant for people that might have allergies so you had to find ingredients with similar properties without spoiling the integrity of the potion. ďNice to officially meet you, Dustin. Iím Aislinn.Ē

  • I suppose if you really want some?Dustin, Fri Oct 14 01:11
    Fortunately for Dustin, the girl-- A girl ! What were you thinking?! You couldíve hit her! --he had almost hit with a textbook didnít seem horribly upset by the whole situation. She even sorta... more
    • Well, it is one of those days. — Aislinn, Fri Oct 14 19:59
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