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Professor Pye
Consider it imposed.
Wed Oct 19, 2016 02:18

Alfie had always operated under the theory that any moment the world could be taken over by dark wizards and that the students of Sonora upon emergence into the real world would be grossly under prepared to take on the evils that lurked around every corner. To say that Alfie was paranoid would be putting it lightly. But it worked for him and that's why so many of his students were extremely proficient in his practical exams. Perhaps they might have hates him for his strict expectations on neat wand work, but it was for their own good--and his, really. He didn't want to have to live with the idea that one of his students would leave Sonora and then be unable to properly defend themselves should they wind up on the wrong end of a rather nasty witch or wizard.

So when Jozua Sparks came to him asking to start a duelling club, Alfie was very pleased. He started his students duelling in class early. About two weeks into the school year he started the intermediate and advanced students while he taught the basic shield charm and body bind curse to the beginners. He couldn't believe he had ever thought that was enough. Jozua was completely right-- the students of Sonora deserved more, they needed more if they wanted to survive. He had just been too preoccupied by his personal and familial problems to realise his one greatest short coming as a Defence professor.

Alfie nodded. 的知 ashamed to not have thought of it myself, next year you値l start duelling in the intermediate level classes. I hold rather frequent duelling lessons, but to work with students outside the restraints of a classroom Alfie knew he couldn稚 get too crazy, he was still employed by the school. But as a club was an extra curricular class, he could go more in detail with students who were interested in the subject unlike those who simply took it because it was required and would drop it as soon as their sixth year would allow them. 的値l run it by the heads this evening and get back to you tomorrow, okay?

Yes, training a whole group of students to defend themselves against the evil world was exactly why Alfie had come to love his job.

  • Jozua approached the Aladren Head of House office, which was conveniently located near the library so he didn't need to make a special trip for it. He was still working his way through the collection ... more
    • Consider it imposed. — Professor Pye, Wed Oct 19 02:18
      • Great! I mean, thank you!Jozua, Wed Nov 9 15:10
        Jozua grinned, pleased when Professor Pye not only seemed interested but also expressed regret that the club wasn't already in operation. Awesome. Not awesome that it hadn't existed before and now... more
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