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Arianna Valenti
What fun
Sat Oct 22, 2016 13:28

Arianna made her way back to the Aladren common room, alone and displeased. Either Farrah had not read her letter before the Opening Feast, or she had, and was just blatantly disregarding it. Either way, it was clear that Kellen had been determined to get to Arianna’s roommate first, sitting next to Farrah the whole dinner. No doubt playing all nice and helpless, trying to discredit Arianna, of course. The creep. Why, she felt like she could curse him right now, if only she knew how.

Hopefully, Arianna had managed to get Madeleine on her side over the dinner. She could never tell with the French girl, there was something about her that was always slightly off, which Arianna attributed to a language barrier, or a class barrier, or probably both. The important thing here was that Arianna wasn’t the only one who knew what Kellen was really like now. And Madeleine wouldn’t be the last to find out

She entered the dorm room, tying her dark curls into a top knot as she did so. It had already been such a long day, travelling from New York to Sonora and everything that had happened since. And there was still so much more to do. Farrah was already in the room, unpacking and seemingly normal as ever. Her Vermont-based roommate could be as enigmatic as her French one, sometimes. Farrah had such nice clothes, but actively chose to wear geek stuff most of the time instead. What Arianna would do to have a choice like that. Analyzing the scene further, she noticed that her note had moved to Farrah’s bed. So Farrah had read it.

“Hey,” she responded, carefully taking off her necklace and putting it on the dresser. She had her own unpacking to do, but wasn’t at all in the mood for that now, so she sat on her bed facing Farrah instead. She flattened the skirt of her black dress on her lap, careful not to leave any wrinkles.

“Sure,” she said, feeling particularly unimpressed. It had always been a pet peeve of hers when people asked permission or forgiveness for something that didn’t require it. Whether or not Farrah unpacked at this very moment was not up to Arianna, or anyone other than Farrah for the matter. The fact that she would ask such a ridiculous question made it all the more clear to Arianna that she had to take action.

“Dinner was fine,” she said smoothly, not interested in that particular topic, before observing, “Kellen seemed to be in a better mood.”

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