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Arianna Valenti
The Muggleborn girl
Sat Oct 22, 2016 14:01

It wasn't that Arianna hadn't seen the Quidditch poster right away. And it wasn't as if she hadn't practiced, if somewhat reluctantly, over the summer with Natalie and Gabriel, either. She was still a mediocre flyer, which she loathed to publicly acknowledge. But at least she wasn't rusty.

But sports were not just sports at Sonora, and a sign up meant more than sign up. Arianna was at the start of her second year of school now, and still she had no close girlfriends. Sure, she hung out with Natalie sometimes, but she was Gabriel's friend, really. She didn't think Eliza truly counted, one moment Arianna was admiring her wardrobe, the next she wanted to hex the girl. There was Fashion Club, and while she liked all the girls there and even thought of Emmy-Lou as something of a role model, she wasn't close with any of them. And of course, there had been no other girls on the Aladren team last year.

Throughout her first year, Arianna had started to get the idea that most girls didn't play sports in the magical world, and that it may even be seen as a negative thing. Nobody had ever said so explicitly, at least not to her. But she noticed things. She was acutely aware that she had been the only girl on the Aladren team last year, and that most teams were majority boys. While a girl had been captain of the Pecari team last year, she had also been spotted kissing a boy from a not-pureblood family at the ball last year. There did seem to be the random pureblood girl (that Arianna was aware of) here and there, but they were probably all disowned, or whatever purebloods did to people who didn’t play by their rules. But there were no Brockert girls playing Quidditch, which seemed to Arianna to be the most important family of all, and no girls from her own year on the starting roster of any other teams.

So she had been wrestling with a question all summer - if she wanted to be popular with the right sort of people at Sonora, would she have to give up Quidditch? And why did she care so much about giving up Quidditch, anyway? She wasn't particularly good at it, and only ever really liked to play sports at family events.

She envied purebloods for their power and social standing. The second year was still convinced that Louis was absolutely ridiculous for ever wanting to walk away from that. Especially in her first year, she felt that she would do anything to join their ranks. But despite months of research, she had not been able to find any Valentis in the magical history books of Sonora, and so she could not prove that she was actually the long lost heiress to some noble magical family from long ago. She was limited. She was different. And she hated that.

But purebloods seemed to have their limits, too. It was really dumb, in Arianna's never humble opinion, for her not to be allowed to do something because she was a girl. In fact, purebloods had a lot of weird, backwards rules you had to follow. Arianna had been raised to believe that she could achieve anything a boy could. Why, she knew for a fact that she earned better grades in all their classes than Gabriel did.

She was left with a decision. Leave Quidditch and potentially disappoint her teammates who had supported her all last year, in the hopes that she would then be accepted into the seemingly elusive club of pureblood girls, girls like Madeleine and the other Arianna. Or she could show them what her true power was, without them, show up their power and their rules and carry on the hard way.

The thing she couldn't stand most of all was being told she couldn't do something. Arianna Giulia Valenti could never turn away from a challenge.

And so a couple of days had already passed by the time she finally looked at the Quidditch sign ups only to find that she would not be alone after all. Two first year girls had signed up, and even Clark’s girlfriend was apparently joining in. Well, Arianna hoped her captain would not allow himself to get too distracted by Lena. It would be a shame if Arianna made the big decision to support him, only for the seventh year to get sloppy.

The other girls’ names on the sheet made her feel braver. She knew what she had to do. She’d try her very bests at Quidditch, maybe even go out for captain someday, just to show them all. She would not be put in a box, she would not be the “muggleborn” girl or the “sports” girl or any other label. They didn’t want her? Fine, the second year wasn’t going to beg. She’d show them all just how powerful she could be on her own. Arianna Valenti made her own rules.

She took out a black pen from her tote, and wrote in her very best cursive.

Arianna Valenti, 2nd Year, Chaser

Game on.

OOC: Arianna’s opinions of people are all her own, and may not align with reality.

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