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It always is with you involved.
Sat Oct 22, 2016 16:26

Farrah felt a little disappointed that it was only Arianna who came into the room. She would have preferred Madeleine or the both of them together rather than just Arianna on her own. Farrah had no idea why the other girl was so rude to her all the time. Farrah had never done anything but try to be polite to her but that just seemed to bring out the mean girl in Arianna. Or, she was just that type of person all the time and faked being nice to the other Aladrens for reasons that Farrah couldn’t fathom at the moment. It might also be why she had been rude to Kellen. Kellen was Farrah’s friend, Arianna hated Farrah, and therefore, Arianna must also hate Kellen by association. Farrah half wondered if Arianna had ever been mean to Georgia too, although she did not recall Georgia saying anything to her about it last year.

She went back to unpacking her belongings. She brought more from home that was personal to her than she had the previous year. Pictures of her family, pictures of her friends, some comics that she wanted to show Kellen, and some of her favorite books that she was constantly rereading whenever she needed a pick me up. It wasn’t necessarily a lot of personal items, but she thought that they would make her feel better when she was feeling homesick. Last year, the homesickness had hit her hard and since she couldn’t talk directly with her mom, it had lasted a long time. Her mother had written her a note this year. It was something simple, but Farrah knew that whenever she was feeling down, she could take the note out and read it, knowing that it was her mom that was saying it to her.

Farrah looked up from her trunk and looked at Arianna when she brought up Kellen. “I guess so?” Farrah stated, looking uncertain. Her eyes glanced at the note on her bed and then at Arianna. “Oh, is that what the note was about?” She asked, the two topics clicking together in her mind. Arianna hadn’t specified what it was that she was worried about, so it could have very well been about Madeleine as it could have been about Kellen. “He told me what happened.” Farrah commented, returning back to her things. She wasn’t going to say that she sided with Kellen because she felt his anger had been extreme, but she wasn’t not going to support him because she understood how frustrating her roommate could be. “He feels bad about getting angry, but he was having a bad day and your, er, attitude towards him just sort of pushed him over, you know?” Farrah said casually.

  • What funArianna Valenti, Sat Oct 22 13:28
    Arianna made her way back to the Aladren common room, alone and displeased. Either Farrah had not read her letter before the Opening Feast, or she had, and was just blatantly disregarding it. Either... more
    • It always is with you involved. — Farrah, Sat Oct 22 16:26
      • It takes two to tango but three makes it a party!Madeleine Dautin, Sun Oct 23 20:08
        After dinner with Arianna, Madeleine had made the excuse to her roommate that she needed to find Bastien and talk to him about something. She made sure to appear rather anxious and pressing so that... more
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