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Conrad Helms
Looks like it!
Sun Oct 23, 2016 19:43

His first day at Sonora had already ended. Conrad was now proud Aladren, but there had been the slight inconvenience of him being the only new blue boy in his year… as far as he knew, that was. Conrad was a bit scared of being in a house without housemates his own age, after all, being in a boarding school meant he would have had to share his room. No such luck. He couldnt room with girls. The new Aladren didn't know how to take this turn of events, but he had to put his best face on. He was at Sonora! He was out of Florida about to embark in the most exciting thing he had ever done - sad to think his most exciting adventure was school.

Conrad followed his new head of house, Professor Pye, towards the Aladren common room and dutifully made mental notes about how to reach his new living quarters. It was easy enough. The eleven-year old curiously looked around and smiled at his new surroundings. He could see people of every age coming and going around the room. The instructions given by Professor Pye were easy to remember and kind of logical. He didn't foresee any issues in the future.

However, when Conrad went looking for his room he got a surprise. He thought he would be sleeping by himself, but when he found his new room he saw that the room contained another bed with someone's luggage, and a boy unpacking his stuff. Conrad was a bit taken aback, but quickly got himself back together.

“Hi,” he said a bit quietly. “I thought I would be sleeping by myself,” He stated a bit more loudly. The blonde walked towards where his things were placed and sat on the bed contemplating the room. His day´s adrenaline had already subsided and he was exhausted.

“Sorry,” he apologized as soon as his brain realized the other boy had introduced himself. “I am Conrad Helms.” The eleven-year old smiled at Kellen. “Its very nice to meet you, Kellen.”

Conrad got out of his bed with a slight jump. He needed to unpack, but he was oh so tired BUT he needed his pjs to go to bed. The blonde opened his trunk and looked for what he needed for tonight and tomorrow. He could unpack another day.

“So, what can you tell me about Sonora?” he asked his new roommate while continued looking for the essentials.

  • Two is better than one ((tag: Conrad))Kellen Mormont, Mon Oct 17 02:16
    The feast, and consequently first day back, seemed like it took weeks to get through. Kellen was glad to be back though; away from his step brother, back with his friend, and finally able to practice ... more
    • Looks like it! — Conrad Helms, Sun Oct 23 19:43
      • I hope so.Kellen, Thu Nov 3 01:58
        Kellen wasn’t quite sure how to respond when Conrad said he’d thought he’d have the room to himself. Did he not want a roommate? He supposed that was a possibility, up until this moment, he hadn’t... more
        • Oh.. me too.Conrad Helms, Sun Nov 6 14:10
          The New Aladren looked at Kellen and his curious looking cookies, “No, thank you. I had a very large meal.” Conrad excused himself after hearing about vegan cookies. His mother had gone through a... more
          • Glad we seem to be on the same pageKellen, Fri Nov 11 13:56
            Kellen shrugged off the fact that Conrad didn’t want any of his cookies. Sure, they were a little unconventional, but they really weren’t that bad. Besides, this just meant there would be more for... more
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