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Madeleine Dautin
It takes two to tango but three makes it a party!
Sun Oct 23, 2016 20:08

After dinner with Arianna, Madeleine had made the excuse to her roommate that she needed to find Bastien and talk to him about something. She made sure to appear rather anxious and pressing so that the other girl would think that whatever it was that was going on was rather urgent. It helped that they were both foreign students from the same country and the same circle since it meant that there were some things she could conceivably only talk to Bastien about. Plus the rest of the school seemed to think they were best friends.

After hanging around Cascade Hall until she was sure Arianna had left, Madeleine made her way to the Aladren common room to lie in wait for Kellen Mormont. However, as she trailed behind the new first years who Professor Pye was taking slowly through the school so that they might have an easier time remembering how to find the hall for breakfast the next day, she realised that while she might lose Arianna, she might also lose Kellen. Once in the common room, she asked around if anyone had seen him and the general consensus from those she had talked to seemed to be that they’d all seen him go up to the boys dorms. Which meant that Madeleine would have to wait until tomorrow to discover the dish on Farrah’s friend.

But all was not lost. Madeleine got to the door in time to hear Farrah talking. Which meant that the evening could still be salvaged. After all, Farrah didn’t know where she was and Arianna thought she was with Bastien. Flora smiled. Now she would know if Farrah and Arianna were working together. Surely they would not have a full discussion with the possibility of Madeleine walking in at any moment, but there had been that note and with Madeleine not there…

It was only an upperclassman walking by a few minutes later giving Madeleine a rather odd look that caused the twelve year old to start. “Oh, just dropped my earring,” she excused herself, falling to her knees and searching the floor until the older student had passed. It had been a close call but it was about time she head in—she couldn’t afford for too many people to notice her lingering habits.

“Hey,” she said as she walked in, playing with the earring that had never fallen out of her ear in the first place so that it looked like she was putting it back in. “Dropped my earring, I feel so lucky to have found it, it’s dark out there!” Madeleine walked straight to her trunk and began to unpack her things, something she had neglected to do earlier when she’d been in there napping and snooping.

OOC: Feel free to have another exchange before Madeleine “entered.” I’m guessing she probably heard the last bit of what Farrah was saying, starting around “… he was having a bad day and your, er, attitude towards him just sort of pushed him over, you know?”

  • It always is with you involved.Farrah, Sat Oct 22 16:26
    Farrah felt a little disappointed that it was only Arianna who came into the room. She would have preferred Madeleine or the both of them together rather than just Arianna on her own. Farrah had no... more
    • It takes two to tango but three makes it a party! — Madeleine Dautin, Sun Oct 23 20:08
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