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I hope so.
Thu Nov 3, 2016 01:58

Kellen wasn’t quite sure how to respond when Conrad said he’d thought he’d have the room to himself. Did he not want a roommate? He supposed that was a possibility, up until this moment, he hadn’t really thought about sharing a room either, but he didn’t hate the idea. It wasn’t illogical to assume that someone who had had their own room for 11 years wouldn’t be keen to share. Not that he knew anything about the other boy other than his name. It was more likely, however, that Conrad noticed he was the only blue boy at the Aladren table, so naturally, one would assume they’d have their own room. That had to have been the case. Kellen’s tired brain was over complicating things, he was sure of it.

“I was a little surprised too, but this works out. It’s kind of lonely having a huge room with so many beds all to yourself.” Kellen said with a shrug as he crossed the room to where Conrad was un packing. “Do you want a cookie? They’re carob mom is vegan. They aren’t bad though, I swear.” He asked, offer the younger boy the plate his mom had packed for him.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Conrad.” Kellen sat on the vacant bed next to Conrad’s and considered his question. He had only been at Sonora for half a term longer than the first year, so he wasn’t sure how much wisdom he actually had to impress upon him. “Well, Sonora has a great library.” He said with a slight smile. He’d spent a lot of time there last year, and he predicted that would be a trend that continued as he aged.

“Sonora has a lot to offer, if you’re into clubs and social type things. Overall, the people are pretty nice. There are obviously some who aren’t, but the numbers aren’t in their favor. The professors are all pretty cool. Though I can’t vouch for Professor Ammon, not that it’ll matter for a few years anyway.” He took another bite of cookie and chewed thoughtfully.

“The MARS rooms are worth checking out. I can’t say much about the gardens, but I hear they are neat too. What kind of stuff are you into?” Kellen asked, hoping that gauging the boy’s interests would help him explain more about Sonora. He was surprised by just how talkative he was feeling that particular evening. Usually he was the weird, quiet kid in the corner with a book, but there was something strangely energizing about this situation. Maybe it was because he felt like he needed to take Conrad under his wing. He wasn’t sure how much the younger boy would appreciate being his padawan, but Kellen was trying to be helpful. Besides, if he was going to share a room with Conrad, they may as well be on good terms.

  • Looks like it!Conrad Helms, Sun Oct 23 19:43
    His first day at Sonora had already ended. Conrad was now proud Aladren, but there had been the slight inconvenience of him being the only new blue boy in his year… as far as he knew, that was.... more
    • I hope so. — Kellen, Thu Nov 3 01:58
      • Oh.. me too.Conrad Helms, Sun Nov 6 14:10
        The New Aladren looked at Kellen and his curious looking cookies, “No, thank you. I had a very large meal.” Conrad excused himself after hearing about vegan cookies. His mother had gone through a... more
        • Glad we seem to be on the same pageKellen, Fri Nov 11 13:56
          Kellen shrugged off the fact that Conrad didn’t want any of his cookies. Sure, they were a little unconventional, but they really weren’t that bad. Besides, this just meant there would be more for... more
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