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Conrad Helms
Oh.. me too.
Sun Nov 6, 2016 14:10

The New Aladren looked at Kellen and his curious looking cookies, “No, thank you. I had a very large meal.” Conrad excused himself after hearing about vegan cookies. His mother had gone through a vegan phase and he couldn't really stomach anything vegan. It was so different than what he was used to eating. He preferred to stick to his own dietary needs and likes. The blonde yawned as he continued to fish out the things he would need for tomorrow. He was really tired. Conrad placed his pjs on his bed and sat down looking at Kellen.

The older boy started talking about he could expect from his new school. He smiled at the mention of the library, but even when Conrad loved learning and reading, he wanted to focus on being social. He had never been surrounded by so many people around his age, and that was amazing and daunting at the same time. Conrad wanted friends, Conrad wanted a normal childhood.

The Floridian took mental notes about the Professors and MARS rooms making sure to check them out when he had time. He had no idea what those rooms were supposed to do, maybe something awesome. Conrad smiled at Kellen.

“Sonora seems to have a lot to offer,” he proclaimed quite happy about the school he attended. Conrad yawned again and made himself comfortable in his own bed. The boy was laying down with his head looking at Kellen.

“I like reading, and I also like sports,” he answered the question directed at him. “My brothers and I used to play a lot of Quidditch back at our state, but we rarely played with other children,” he explained to the other boy. “We rarely left our state in Florida, at all.” he finished a little bit embarrassed.

“Do you like Quidditch?” Conrad returned the question. He wanted to know how the magical sport was organized at the school. He would need to think about joining the team, or maybe waiting until next year after he got used to his new life. ANd what a grand life he would make for himself at Sonora. His father had told him that he had everything in his hands to make this experience a very fruitful one.

  • I hope so.Kellen, Thu Nov 3 01:58
    Kellen wasn’t quite sure how to respond when Conrad said he’d thought he’d have the room to himself. Did he not want a roommate? He supposed that was a possibility, up until this moment, he hadn’t... more
    • Oh.. me too. — Conrad Helms, Sun Nov 6 14:10
      • Glad we seem to be on the same pageKellen, Fri Nov 11 13:56
        Kellen shrugged off the fact that Conrad didn’t want any of his cookies. Sure, they were a little unconventional, but they really weren’t that bad. Besides, this just meant there would be more for... more
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