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Great! I mean, thank you!
Wed Nov 9, 2016 15:10

Jozua grinned, pleased when Professor Pye not only seemed interested but also expressed regret that the club wasn't already in operation. Awesome. Not awesome that it hadn't existed before and now he'd made Pye feel bad about it, but awesome that the idea seemed to be very well received. "That would be great!" Jozua enthused when the professor offered to run the idea by the Heads tonight. The guy wasn't wasting any time, was he? Jozua felt much more confident in his choice of club advisor/teacher. "Tomorrow sounds perfect."

Also of great interest was the promise that dueling would play a large part of his intermediate class in DADA, and that was definitely something Jozua was looking forward to.

He hesitated a moment, not sure if that was it and he was dismissed now, or if he was expected to offer some more details on how this club might go. Was it now Pye's club, or did Jozua still have founder's right to dictate how a student run club worked. Was this something that could even be student run, in the way other Sonora clubs were? Or was Pye already seeing it as a voluntary extension of his class?

"Um, do you want or need anything else from me? I mean, it's awesome that I'll get real dueling lessons next year, but my practical experience currently is pretty much just the disarming charm you taught us last year, so I'm kind of thinking you'd do most of the instruction and refereeing, right? I can put up signs and stuff, though, that kind of thing."

  • Consider it imposed.Professor Pye, Wed Oct 19 02:18
    Alfie had always operated under the theory that any moment the world could be taken over by dark wizards and that the students of Sonora upon emergence into the real world would be grossly under... more
    • Great! I mean, thank you! — Jozua, Wed Nov 9 15:10
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