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Glad we seem to be on the same page
Fri Nov 11, 2016 13:56

Kellen shrugged off the fact that Conrad didnít want any of his cookies. Sure, they were a little unconventional, but they really werenít that bad. Besides, this just meant there would be more for him, and it couldnít be said that he didnít offer. He nodded in agreement when the younger boy mentioned that Sonora had a lot to offer. It really did, even if Kellen didnít always take advantage. He wasnít the most social of beings, so he was sure the school had things to offer in that respect as well, but he couldnít really speak on them.

A smirk crossed Kellenís lips when his roommate mentioned that he liked to read. That was a good sign, even though Conrad also revealed himself to be a sports fan, he was glad that theyíd have something to talk about. ďIíve never really been an active follower of Quidditch. Or participant really, but thatís cool that you are. Maybe next year you should try out for the Aladren team.Ē He said, trying to be supportive of his roommate.

ďIím more of a book worm. Reading, studying, and then reading comics and stuff as well. So youíre from Florida, eh? Iíve never been, but Iíve heard itís really humid there. And you have swamps and alligators.Ē Kellen didnít have a vast amount of knowledge when it came to the state, but it seemed like crazy stuff always went down in Florida. They also supposedly had some pretty cool theme parks down there, but after reading about a muggle boy getting eaten by an alligator at the beach in Disneyland, Kellen was certain he never wanted to visit.

ďHow many brothers do you have?Ē He asked, as he helped himself to yet another cookie. ďIím an only child. Well...I guess technically I have a half brother and half sister. We donít really claim each other though.Ē Kellen added, he was sure that it sounded a little...well...strange, but it was the truth. He preferred not to think about his life at his fatherís house.

  • Oh.. me too.Conrad Helms, Sun Nov 6 14:10
    The New Aladren looked at Kellen and his curious looking cookies, ďNo, thank you. I had a very large meal.Ē Conrad excused himself after hearing about vegan cookies. His mother had gone through a... more
    • Glad we seem to be on the same page — Kellen, Fri Nov 11 13:56
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