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Tasha DuBois
Dream on
Sun Nov 20, 2016 17:36

Tasha was so hungry, so very hungry. Like she'd never been this hungry before in her entire life.

She made her way to the kitchens, the whole school eerily empty. No people, no elves, no anything. At the moment though, Tasha did not really care at all about that, all she was focused on was getting something to eat. If nobody else was here, that meant more food for her.

Tasha went into the kitchens, she knew that was not technically a place she was allowed to be but that was another thing she really didn't care about at the moment. When someone's basic needs weren't being met, that was all they could think about. Unfortunately, as she looked through every nook and cranny of the room, she'd come to a rather nasty conclusion-there was nothing here either.

Her stomach growled loudly, as though there was a wild animal inside. However, that was precisely the issue, there wasn't. Of course at this point, beggars couldn't be choosers and she'd definitely eat plants too. So the gardens were the next place Tasha went.

Somehow though, all the plants were dead, probably because with the elves and Professor Xavier away, there was nobody to care for them. Nor could she find any animals rustling about, no squirrels or rabbits or raccoons. Not even a beetle or cricket! Tasha was indeed at the point where she'd eat even bugs. Even a spider and they usually sent her running away screaming!

But there weren't any spiders, which would normally make her quite happy but not this time. So with the gardens a lost cause, Tasha made her way to the owlry but surprise surprise the owls were gone as well. She collapsed against the owlry wall, weak from hunger and feeling rather hopeless, as tears streamed down her face.

That's when she heard it, the barking. It was music to her ears, sweeter than the note any instrument could make. The Aladren came out of the owlry to spot her roommate's service dog, Scout. Since Nevaeh was quite obviously not around-as she'd be with her dog-Tasha called. "Here boy, here Scout..." She stunned the animal as it approached then lunged at him, devouring him bit by bit, not really caring that she wasn't acting very ladylike.

And then she awoke with a start. Her eyes focused as she spotted Nevaeh and Scout sleeping nearby. Tasha immediately felt a twinge of guilt. How could she recklessly eat someone's pet? Especially a blind girl's service dog. Still, she'd felt like she was about to die of starvation and done what she had to do. Besides, it was only a dream.

However, Tasha was still hungry, but this time, instead of devouring the German Shepard, she opened up the drawer where she kept her wasabi seaweed and ate that instead.

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