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Farrah Welsh
Is it a dream? (NANO)
Mon Nov 21, 2016 17:32

Farrah looked up to see a school owl landing on her table at breakfast. She wasnít expecting any mail from anyone back home, so she had no idea why she would receive a letter from home or who it might be, but she figured that with midterm coming up, her mother probably had some things that she needed to sort out with her eldest daughter. When she took the letter from the owl and watched it fly off with someoneís bacon in itís talons, Farrah looked down at the letter in surprise. The handwriting was definitely not either one of her parents or any of her friends (sometimes her parents sent letters from them to her), but rather it was the handwriting of a child. There was only one child in Farrahís life and it wasnít one that she wanted to hear from at all!

Hi Sissy! the letter began

I canít wait to see you for the holidays! Mommy and Daddy are so boring without you around. Mommy says that when you come home you have to take me ice skating with all of your friends so that I can have a good time too! You canít do anything about it either, nah nah!

Farrah could hear her sisterís whiny voice mocking her as she said that too and it infuriated her! Corra was always trying to get herself involved in Farrahís business and it was really irritating! Farrah could just never have her own thing; her sister had to always copy her.

Iím not supposed to tell you this yet but Daddy says that Iíve been showing signs of MAGIC! That means that when I turn eleven, Iíll be able to come to Sonora with you and we can be best friends and you can let me sit with you and all your friends! Itíll be so much fun! I hope to get into the same house as you and then I can ask if I can stay in your room and weíll be together forever and ever and everÖ

Bye Sissy!


Farrah was horrified. ďNo!Ē Farrah cried out loudly, jumping from her seat in Cascade Hall. Kellen and Georgia stared at her with wide eyes. ďShe canít come! She canít!Ē Farrah repeated, throwing the letter down. ďMagic is mine. ITíS MINE!Ē

Her hazel eyes snapped open and Farrah sat up in bed. Her chest was heaving with anxiety and hot tears of anger fell down her cheeks. She looked around for a moment to figure out where she was and what had happened. After a few minutes, her breathing calmed down and the tears dried out. It was only a dream, well, nightmare really. Her sister was not coming here. Her sister certainly didnít write her on her own, so of course it was just a dream. Farrah was still safe from her. Magic was still just hers.

Feeling better, Farrah laid back down to try to fall back to sleep again.

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